Downloading youtube videos

09/23/2011 10:08 pm

I might be missing something simple, but I am trying to download the video on the following youtube page and for all the videos shown under the suggestion column.

While I only want the FLVs, I tried just doing the default setting but still am not getting the FLVs. Can you provide some assistance?

Oleg Chernavin
09/24/2011 06:50 am
Please use the latest version:

Download the page with Level=0.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
09/24/2011 12:11 pm
Hi Oleg,

Thank you. That worked great. I had to set level = 1 to get all the FLVs linked in the suggested column though.

And the product looks great. I haven't gone through it in detail yet. But the resource monitor is really nice. And the file tab looks great too. I could see myself using that regularly.

And if you're taking suggestions, it would be great if on the Map tab there could be sortable columns like in an explorer window. I am often looking for files based size or name. It would make it much easier to find them when there is a complex directory structure. It's not a big deal since I can always jump over to explorer, but it would be nice to save a few steps.

Thanks again, great work,
Oleg Chernavin
09/24/2011 12:34 pm
Thank you for kind words!

Regarding the columns - can you tell me what exact information you would like to have there? And how you would typically use them?

I have a hint for you - right-click a folder or file in the Map with Ctrl key pressed to get the standard Explorer menu. You may easily open files, browse folders this way.

09/24/2011 03:04 pm
Hi Oleg.

You solved it. I was thinking of something like the details view in windows explorer. But I did not know about the ctrl tip you mentioned. Now that I know that, I really don't need sort columns anymore. That addresses the need since I can open the folder, launch my virus scan, open FileSearchEX to search, burn a CD, etc. without launching another program first. That's exactly what I was hoping for.

99% of the time, I would open explorer and navigate to the download folder just so I could use the windows search function, and then sort function, so I could clean up the results.

The sort fields I use most are file-name and file-size. File-name because I know the name but not the folder it resides in. And file-size because of cases like the one in my original question where files are downloaded but may not have the expected extension. A size sort allows me to group them all so I can copy and /or rename them.

Thanks again for the great product and support,

Oleg Chernavin
09/24/2011 03:05 pm
Great! I am glad that this feature works for you!