Updating a project: what is retrieved exactly?

09/08/2011 05:16 am

I'm testing Offline Explorer Pro 6 beta and I have a couple of questions about it.

I'm trying to mirror a website which I guess to be about 8Gb in total size. But my membership on this site is limited to 1GB per day, so I need to distribute my downloads over one week.
This seems not to be a problem: with OEP I set a size limit on the project, to stop it at 900Mbytes. Everyday I will increase it by 900Mb and this should allow me to complete the site mirroring.

Now I would like to understand what OEP exactly downloads.

First, I set an exclusion rule to exclude folders with useless content, such as "thumbnails" directories: in URL filters, folders, I set *thumbnails* as excluded keywords. I saw anyway that in queu, thumbnails folders (e.g. http://www.domain.com/menu/galeries/folder1_thumbnails/nnn00.jpg) are still listed. Is this correct? Am I doing something wrong? Are these contents downloaded somehow to my PC (so the website's Apache server is counting them on my daily quota) or not?

Second question: I also set a size limit for retrieving pictures. If pictures are smaller than 100Kb, they should not be retrieved. In this case, does OEP download them to a temporary folder, check the size and then discard them locally on my PC, or does it just discard them from download queu?

Last question: when updating the project and increasing the total project size limit, what OEP will do? Will it just compare time stamps, totally excluding already retrieved contents, or will it download already retrieved content a second time and then go on with other contents?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my poor english, I'm french.

Oleg Chernavin
09/08/2011 05:44 am
1. Please see if File Filters - Images has their Location field set to "Load using URL Filters". Otherwise it will ignore the keywords.

2. In most cases, servers output file length when starting the file download. This way, Offline Explorer stops the download immediately before the whole file download.

3. Yes, it asks the server for each file if it has changed or not. If the server replies that it is the same, the download doesn't happen. Changed and new files will be downloaded and if new (not yet downloaded) links are found, they will be added to the queue.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
09/08/2011 08:13 am
Thanks a lot!

Great product. I used to work with Teleport Pro before, but it's not receiving majors updates since a very long time and is becomig outdated while the web is obviously changing very fast every day.

OEP seems to me a better alternative, I think I will try it untill the trial expiration and then buy it.

Oleg Chernavin
09/08/2011 08:16 am
Yes, Teleport family was really good. They now make only very minor updates, although they announced 2.0 version several years ago. Still, no betas, even no rumors.