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FSchr 07/03/2011 03:37 pm

at the moment I have an error message poping up every some

Access violation at address 0074E493 in module 'OE.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

The Problem is reproduceable.

Please contact me if I can help tracking this down.

Oleg Chernavin 07/04/2011 05:42 am
What version do you use?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
FSchr 07/04/2011 06:26 am

sorry, I forgot to mention. The version is:

Offline Explorer Pro 5.9.3374 Service Release 5

Oleg Chernavin 07/04/2011 07:10 am
Does it happen during downloads? Do you have the "Process script calculations" box checked in the Project Properties dialog - Parsing section?

Oleg Chernavin 07/04/2011 07:13 am
Can you try to update oe.exe file to the newest version and if it also fails, let me know the error address?

FSchr 07/04/2011 08:35 am

Yes, the process script checkbox is checked.

This is the error I get with the OE.exe in the zipfile:

Access violation at address 0077CB4B in module 'OE.exe'. Read of address 00000000.

After this message the Program continues for a minute and than it crashes completely.
The message I then get is wheather I want to report the Problem to microsoft.

Oleg Chernavin 07/04/2011 09:27 am
I fixed the suspected place. Can you please try the update?

Thank you!

FSchr 07/04/2011 11:51 am

Oleg, I think the Problem is fixed.
Until now it didn't occur again.

I have another Problem though, as this version doesn't recognize my
registration and expires September 1st.

Oleg Chernavin 07/04/2011 12:04 pm
Yes, this is beta version. If you do not plan to upgrade to 6.0 version, I will make 5.9 version with this fix.

FSchr 07/05/2011 08:27 am

well, your company doesn't have any upgrade option at all, and
I've just spent $90 two months ago, so you can understand that
I'm definitely not willing to spent another $90 just to get a bug-
fixed version.

So I stick with version 5.

Oleg Chernavin 07/05/2011 09:49 am
We offer upgrades for 50% of the current price. However you have 6.x versions compatible registration key most probably. We started the free upgrade action for many months already.

FSchr 07/05/2011 03:27 pm
Ah, great! Yes I'm in that period, I forgot!

When trying my key it says the beta is not registerable though.
Will the final version be available before September 1st?

I also have another crash situation. Whenever I leave the
program running for several hours it's crashed when I come
Theres then only that Dialog left which asks me if I want to report
that incident to microsoft.

Do you know a way how I can provide you with more Information?
Is there a crash log/dump or anything anywhere?

Oleg Chernavin 07/06/2011 07:21 am
I added code to create c:\download\oe.log file when such error happens:

Can you please install this version and reproduce the error. Then see if the
log file was created. If yes, ZIP it and send to me, please.

Oleg Chernavin 07/06/2011 07:22 am
Regarding the final version - yes, we hope to release it in mid-August now.

FSchr 07/08/2011 03:10 am

This time it didn't crash hard, but lots of errors occured.
All of them multiple times.
There was a logfile created, but with only one error in it.
I'll send it to

The errors:

Exception EThread in module OE.EXE at 0002D61C.
Thread creation error: Fur diesen Befehl ist nicht genugend Speicher verfugbar.

Do you want to send the error report to MetaProducts?
Exception EAccessViolation in module OE.EXE at 0000818B.
Access violation at address 0040818B in module 'OE.EXE'. Write of address 00000004.

Do you want to send the error report to MetaProducts?
Exception EAccessViolation in module ntdll.dll at 0003729E.
Access Violation at address 7C94729E in module 'ntdll.dll'. Write of address 62E13229.

Do you want to send the error report to MetaProducts?

The translation of the first error message from German is:
'For this command is not enough memory available.'

The program was still running when I wrote down the errors
so I checked the task manager.
Swap usage was ~2 GB
Free RAM was ~1,5 GB
OE was reported to use ~170 MB of RAM.
Very strange.

The third error occured after I clicked on
'Do you want to send the error report to MetaProducts' -> Yes Button

Some of the sending worked though. So you should have more info

Oleg Chernavin 07/08/2011 07:42 am
Actually, there are several types of memory associated with each process. I am going to add such info to Offline Explorer directly, so it will be easy to access.

I got your E-mail with the crash info. I will work on it. Thank you!