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Adam Schainblatt 05/10/2011 07:53 am
It seems for a long time it keeps repeating itself. I look at the queue and it repeats itself every ten lines. It does this for a long time as if it is stuck in a loop. I stopped and restarted project and it went back to this loop after a few minutes.
Oleg Chernavin 05/10/2011 07:59 am
This should not happen. Offline Explorer has internal list of downloaded URLs to prevent duplicates.

This could be a result of a form submission, if you allowed HTML forms exploration. If it doesn't apply, you may give me more details to reproduce this.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Adam Schainblatt 05/12/2011 09:36 am
Hi, I did not have HTML forms exploration allowed. What further info can I send you? In the queue it seems to have the same URL's over and over again. All day long.
Oleg Chernavin 05/12/2011 09:55 am
Please select the Project and use Export - Project Settings - Copy, then paste to the forum message and explain when this starts happening - from the very start or after some (what exact) time.

What URL to look for in the Queue, etc.

Adam Schainblatt 05/12/2011 11:16 am
Hi, where do I find Export? The only one I see does not have project setting option. Thank you.
Oleg Chernavin 05/12/2011 01:29 pm
It is in the Export - Project Settings - Save To Text File menu:

Adam Schainblatt 05/12/2011 01:31 pm
when I try to browse it asks for password even offline. It treats me as if I am not a customer. But when I log in offline, sometimes I can see content for members and others I get stuck in a loop of password request.

Also, I see links still not found. Do I keep added them to project individually? Is there a way to ensure the whole sight has been downloaded, it seems everyday there is lot's more to download.
Adam Schainblatt 05/12/2011 02:21 pm
please remove post of 5/12/2011 1:34:43 PM . it has log in info thanks
Oleg Chernavin 05/12/2011 02:52 pm

Oleg Chernavin 05/13/2011 02:58 am

I analysed the issue and I think, this is because of the logon form submission from various pages. Please try another way to load the site:

You need to browse to the logon page of the site using the internal Browser of Offline Explorer Pro.

If you need to download the site immediately and only once, you can proceed with the logon and begin downloading the desired pages using Offline Explorer Pro. The program will use the session cookies of the logged on site from the internal browser.

You can also record the logon form contents in a Project, so that Offline Explorer Pro will know how to log itself on whenever you wish to download the site. This is useful when you want to schedule the site download or perform it later, or if you want to update the downloaded site in the future.

Once you have entered your username and password on the logon page in the internal browser, press and hold the Alt + Ctrl keys on your keyboard, click the Logon (or Submit) button in the Web form and release the keyboard buttons. You should get a new Project that contains the Web form information recorded in the URL field.

Adjust the Project settings as you wish (set the Level and other parameters) and click the OK button to save the Project. You may begin downloading at any time.

It is also recommended to make sure that the "Use alternate connection method" box is checked in the Internet tab of the Ribbon.

The form recording method is supported only in the Pro and Enterprise editions of Offline Explorer.

Adam Schainblatt 05/13/2011 09:08 am
thank you. I tried it by doing as you said but instead of starting a new project I copied and pasted that URL into the existing project and replaced what was in there as a project URL. One of the 4 projects now seems to give me offline access to password protected sites. The other 3 still do not. I will run it again today and change from same server to same domain and see if that helps. Meanwhile any other ideas? Do you think I need to just delete projects and start over?

One one web site I also get this error:

301:unable to load plug in, unable to load plug in influxis. url "flowplayer.rtmp.-3.2.3.swf"

Thank you, Adam

Oleg Chernavin 05/16/2011 03:47 am
I got your E-mail with the confirmation that the Properties - Parsing - Ignore Server Errors box fixes this issue.

Regarding the video - can you give me more details where I can reproduce this?

adam 05/19/2011 07:51 am
I did send that info about the videos, did you get it? I am also having problems not being able to browse offline past the password log in page now, when I used to be able to.
Oleg Chernavin 05/19/2011 08:22 am
Yes, I have this E-mail. I will work on it today.

adam 05/20/2011 08:02 pm
Project 6 now works thanks to your fix! Your customer service is amazing, not only do you have the best softare out there but you stand by your product and continue to improve it. Thank you so much. Adam
Oleg Chernavin 05/21/2011 03:24 am
I am glad to help you! All sites are so different and things change fast. So, support and continued development of such product is really important.