Exporting causes error in link creation

03/29/2011 09:38 am
Downloading the website is fine. The site runs great in Offline Explorer. I now want to make an auto-run CD of this, which I have done several times before. However, the export function is generating bad links, for example;
---- \templates\ld_templates\layout_1787.aspxobjectid1789assetid.htm8799
I have exported with the Joilet 64 setting.
The link should be ---- \templates\ld_templates\layout_1787.aspxobjectid1789assetid8799.htm (which works) So there seems to be a bug with the processing.
I am using a free download version of the latest Pro edition (I have a full licenec for vesion 3.7 and am considering upgrading).
Any assistance appreciated.
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2011 09:39 am
How I can reproduce this? Maybe a URL of a page that contains such links, so I could download it with Level=1 and export?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/29/2011 10:32 am
Hi Oleg. Unfortunately the site is password controlled and I am not permitted to let you access the live version, sorry.
The OEP downloaded version works fine. The OEP filenames, however, are too long for burning to DVD - hence I have used the Joilet option.
I have checked the "Keep as-is" exported option version and it has the same problem.
Here are the links (with the principal URL removed)
website - XXXXX/templates/ld_templates/layout_1787.aspx?ObjectId=1789&AssetId=8799
"Joliet -CD-R 64 symbols" - \templates\ld_templates\layout_1787.aspxobjectid1789assetid.htm8799

This is a consistent error - across thousands of links.
The Pages OEP has copied are are all named correctly, as previously stated.
It looks like the link creation process acts on the second of the "=" symbols to insert the .htm from the option "Use standard extensions for files with known file types".

Is this adequate info for you to help?
Best Regards
03/29/2011 10:54 am
Here's a bit more that might help. The code being generated by OEP for the links concerned is in the form of;

function viewAsset(id)
document.location.href = 'layout_1787.aspx@objectid=1789&assetid=.htm'+id;

So it hasn't "replaced" the "=" symbol it appears to ahve simply put the .htm in the wrong place (though consistently)
Best Regrds
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2011 12:57 pm
Yes, such script cannot be properly converted in the exported site. I am sorry, but the only way would be to export to CHM or EXE file and keep filenames as they are.

03/29/2011 12:59 pm
Thanks Oleg. We have used the .EXE option. Not such a great solution for the client but should satisfy him.
Many thanks for looking at this.
We will be upgrading.
Best Regards
Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2011 01:00 pm
You are welcome and sorry for that!