02/04/2011 08:34 pm
Dear Oleg

i found old posts about Deviantart, now over one year has past and maybe things look better now. I would really love to have the possibility to download the hi-res pics from a members gallery. since browsers find their way to them, i am sure OE can do it too.

Lets take
It is visible a gallery with 24 thumbnails. If i click on one, it goes to the photos' page that looks like this
where i see a jpg that i can simply download with right-click/save graphic as

still, if i let OE download
with a "depth of 2" and "images from anywhere in the web", it should do it, but i just receive the thumbs, nothing else.

can you try this out and give me a hint why it doesnt work? if you need more information from me please let me know, i could also create a testaccount for you, but i think logging in doesnt help it.

Thank you
Oleg Chernavin
02/06/2011 02:36 pm
I think, you should use Properties - URL Filters - and uncheck the "Load from the starting directory" box. With this setting I was able to get both bigger image and the download link working offline.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/07/2011 07:48 pm
I am sorry, i didnt get it. I tried a bit things that you could mean, but whether it downloaded thousands of files (amongst which maybe also the desired were but this is not very suitable) or it didnt download. As i hear from your reply, you succeeded in doing what i need so much, can you please give me more details what settings i need to take from the scratch:

so i create a new project, as URL i use
i choose depth limit of 2
(i use it in german, sorry if the settings are not named exactly as in the english original)
i uncheck in the file filter all but images, i put them on download with URL filter settings
and then i dont understand, you wrote uncheck the "Load from the starting directory" which is unchecked by default.

can you please correct and / or complete the things i need to set from the scratch?

thank you
btw, is there a possibility to learn better to use the program really well, like a workshop or tutorials how to become a pro, with different examples how to solve different difficualt sites etc?
Oleg Chernavin
02/08/2011 07:37 am
OK. Let's do the following:

Starting URL:
Level (depth): 2

File Filters - Text and User Defined - uncheck them.

File Filters - Images - select "Load from any site" in the Location field. You may also set the Minimum size to 50 kb.

URL Filters - Server - check the "Load from the starting server only" box.

URL Filters - Directory - add the two Included directory keywords:


This is all we need.

02/12/2011 07:08 pm
puuuh, finally the knot was exploding. investigating like a scientist the behaviour of the prog and the site, i finally found a way using the and the starting server url all as included keywords. and a depth of 2 and the "others" (the last option in file filters) activated (thats important). now it does what i was longing so much for. thx
02/13/2011 09:00 am
Oh Oleg, this is making me desperate. It doesnt work, i did all you wrote starting from a new project, and it simply downloads a small queue and i receive just some thumbs in the end.

I would really love to understand how the program works, the only source for information is the integrated help, which describes the features, but for understanding how to deal with different tasks this is very little. The other source is you, and if you dont mind i would love to be guided by you to a working solution, so i can better understand the way the program works. May this post become a little insight into the mechanism, i hope it is not just me doing so hard to understand the science behind and get the Filters right to work.

I figured out a bit more about our specific site. From
if we click on a picture we come to something like this
(this is what your solution was based on i guess with the gallery and art keywords)

But now comes the tricky thing that might make it not work: if i copy the graphic-adress, it shows

I tried to use the Load from Starting Server with the Domain option, in that way i get to the pics, but also to thousands of other things. So i tried to minimize it a bit more, using the ten servers to and
in the inluded keywords of the URL Filters / server, unchecking the Load from starting server.
I expected that i found a solution, but again, it didnt load much.

Now comes one of my biiig question marks: I see in the queue other servers as well, like or the ten thumbnail servers How comes this?

And if i check the load starting server and domain again, its loading the whole deviantart, i am wondering why the included keywords dont work as they should? or is it my understanding?

And also a big question mark is how the program is following links, i mean if i go with a depth of 2, and a link that is on the starting URL doesnt fit the URL filters and is filtered out, also links from that page are not followed anymore, right? Or is OE generally following all links in the range of a depth of 2, but just saving the files that are passing the filters? this is also a big stone i have in my understanding.

The program is simply not reacting as i understand that it should, and i really want to understand, thats why i write so much. i know you keep your answers usually very short, but if you find my case also helpful for many others, please give us a bigger insight in the mechanism of the program, how it follows links etc, or a source where this is described better. I know the program can do everything, but the documentation is too little to understand how to use its fabulous possibilities. at least for me

thanks for reading (if you did up to here) and for helping (i hope you feel like)
Oleg Chernavin
02/13/2011 09:27 am
I am sorry for not answering earlier. I am glad that it works now. Thanks for letting me know!