offline explorer pro-download -I want to get 100 plus levels into a domain.

01/28/2011 07:01 pm

I am a registered user of Offline Explorer Pro.

I am downloading a news aggregator site and its archives. There are many subpages of articles within the orginal domain. I may have to go 100 plus levels deep to get all the pages of articles since in one topic section there may be 8000 articles but only 50 articles per page. At the bottom of each page it says "click for next page." How do I do this if I need to go more than 100 levels deep to get all the pages?

When I am downloading the news aggregator site and its archives as described above, each article is summarized within the original domain but the full article is only available by going to an exterior link. I would like to download the article summary from within the orginal domain, as well as, the full article from the exterior domain. Since I never want to go more than 1 level deep into an exterior domain link, how to I set up a project to go 100 levels into the original domain but only 1 level into an exterior domain?

On the news aggregator site and archives, within the domain I am downloading, are many radio programs (mp3). I am not interested in downloading these radio programs. How to I avoid downloading these mp3s?

4.)In regards to downloading 1 level of exterior links, I would perfer not to dowload advertisements (ads). Considering question #2 above, I how can I eliminate downloading ads when I download an exterior link?

Please, respond to me via email as well as withing the forum. Thank You very much for your response.
Oleg Chernavin
01/31/2011 07:29 am
I just sent the E-mail to the address you left in the forum. I would need to know which site you are downloading to assist.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff