Problems With New v5.9.3254

09/17/2010 05:21 pm

I just upgraded to v5.9.3254 from v5.9.3228.

v5.9.3254 apparently has some bugs.

I have been dowloading sections of Neue Mozart-Ausgabe: Digitized Version at

So far, I have downloaded about 110 of the 127 volumes on the site without a problem.

After I upgraded to v5.9.3254, I tried to download all the pages (about 500) in the group beginning with

When I went to "Browse" after the download had finished, nothing displyed.

I deleted the saved download, and then I tried to re-download , beginning with that page.

Again, after the download had completed, nothing displayed.

I uninstalled v5.9.3254, and then I re-installed v5.9.3228.

I then began my download from the same page

This time, with v5.9.3228, the starting page and all succeeding pages displayed perfectly.

So what is the problem with v5.9.3254?


Oleg Chernavin
09/17/2010 06:23 pm

I am really sorry for this bug! It was related only to browsing. The downloaded pages are correct. I already updated the version on the site, so please download it again and install.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
09/19/2010 11:12 am
Thank you, Oleg.

Yes, the Service Release 1 worked just fine.

Thank you very much!

Now perhaps you could give me some advice about this site:

It starts with a redirect to this page:

However, if I use either of those as my starting pages, once the download completes, nothing displays when I try to "Browse".

This time, I do not think it is any problem with Offline Explorer Pro.

I think it is the site itself.

The site uses Javascript and XML, which makes it almost impossible for me to figure out any of the URLs.

Even navigation within the site is difficult.

The "Back" button in my browsers (IE8 and Firefox 3.6) does not work at all.

I have to use the "Back" button on each page.

I cannot figure out any of the URLs that can get me from the page to the individual pages for each individual Tanach passage, and I cannot figure out the sequence of URLs for all the Tanach passsages,

Any advice you could render would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for your wonderful application.

I look forward to the release of version 6.

Oleg Chernavin
09/20/2010 08:10 am
Yes, this site is very tough. I didn't have full success with it, but I made one improvement in scripts parsing and it allowed to use AutoSave for this site.

Please update oe.exe with this version:

Then run it, select the Project that partially downloaded the site, click the AutoSave button on the Internal Browser toolbar and then click Browse. Offline Explorer Pro should download missing files.

09/20/2010 03:56 pm
Hello again, Oleg:

Yes, you are right, that is a VERY difficult site indeed!

Your v5.9.3257 works even better than v5.9.3254 SR1.

It downloads many more files.

Also I am using the AutoSave as you suggested (by the way, I have my Options/Advanced/Files setting set to save the project every one minute, so is AutoSave something different?)

However, there are still spots on the page that are blocked by the awful javascript.

For example, when I click on the "Genesis" link, nothing happens.

Then I use the "Open in New Window" feature in IE8, but all I get when the page opens is the error message " javascript:setBookClick('Gen') ".

I am not using any Level Limits, and I have the Server Filter and File Filters set to download only files within the starting domain, so I thought OEP would download the whole site.

However, that javascript keeps screwing everything up!

Thank you very much for your help with this.

Any further tweaks or advice you can render, or any other revisions of OEP that could defeat the javascript, are always greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!

Oleg Chernavin
09/21/2010 08:20 am
Yes, sorry for the AutoSave naming collision. These are different things at all.

AutoSave button is on the Internal Browser toolbar. Please do not open the links in a new window, but simply browse. When you get to particular verses, click the HTML button to open a new window with the text in Hebrew.