it cant be that difficult...

09/14/2010 08:41 pm
oh please help i am going desperate. i have a site here that is on and there are thumbnails on it, when you click on one you reach and there you can click on downloading a fullsize pic that is on a server

what i need now is that OE is checking all links he finds and follows on that server
but i want him to just download the jpgs with that structure because these are the hi-res files.

how do i put the url filters so OE checks and finds all htm sites that exist on without checking anywhere else, but downloads just pictures that are stored on

is that possible and if yes how?

thank you for solving this tricky thing (at least to me it seems tricky)
09/15/2010 05:08 am
me again, i wanted to add that the solution i tried was to add and to the URL filters, i tried it as included keywords in the servers, but i guess there the folders are not recognized, i tried it in the included keywords in the folders, but i guess doesnt work either, and the URL section can just be used to exclude, not to include.

i guess i miss an important point, or maybe it would be even a good feature to add the possibility to add such phrases also as include URLs.

thanks for help
Oleg Chernavin
09/15/2010 07:01 am
I think, the easiest solution is to use Project Properties - File Filters - Images - set the Location to "Load from the starting domain".

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff