Troubles downloading videos and other questions

07/25/2010 09:50 am

I don't know if this is a me being dumb question (not understanding functionality) or a product limitation. I am trying to get copies of all the videos linked off this page so I can watch them off-line.

When I down load the page, I get all sorts of player links like this:


and items listed in the queue like this:

But no videos get downloaded. And unfortunately the answer of using the Flash & Media Capture no longer works for me since I had to switch to Firefox. (I would rather not use that in this case anyway because it would take hours to do it manually.) see question

Also, I was wondering if you had any updates on V6 as mentioned in a previous question I asked:

Thanks in advance for your answers. You are the best.
08/05/2010 07:35 am
No help?
Oleg Chernavin
08/05/2010 09:13 am
Sorry, still working on that. I will let you know when it is done.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Oleg Chernavin
08/25/2010 04:33 pm
OK. I managed to do that. Please install this version:

It should load YouTube and Google Videos from this Saab site correctly.

Please let me know how it works. Thank you!

08/25/2010 10:04 pm
Hi Oleg,

I'm still not getting videos but it could be the project settings I'm using. You don't have the project file you used do you?

Oleg Chernavin
08/26/2010 05:24 am
I sent it to you by E-mail - to the address you left in this forum.

08/27/2010 03:12 pm
Thank you. It's now working and it appears there was a combination of problems.

First, it appears I was being too impatient as the settings you sent look like the same settings (default) I originally used. I kept stopping the download because it appeared to be blowing by the videos. But when I finally let the project run all the way through, it does appears to have downloaded most of the videos.

Second, it appears I was trying to put too many limits on the project. I just wanted to get the videos and nothing else. But the videos I downloaded all came down with very long file names which did not have valid video file extension. So to use the videos outside of OE, I had to manually rename the files.

Thank you

PS Are you looking for suggestions for the new version? If you are, it would be great if you could add an open in explorer option when you right click on a project folder like you have in the flash and media capture tool.
Oleg Chernavin
08/30/2010 04:23 pm
Yes, the extensions are not corrected. But browsing inside OE should play the videos correctly right on the web pages.

Regarding the suggestion - the project map allows you to Ctrl+Right-click a file or folder and use the standard Windows Explorer context menu. Do you need it?

08/30/2010 06:14 pm
Thank you very much. All is well.

As usual, I am very happy with both the product and the outstanding level of support.

Thank you again.
Oleg Chernavin
08/30/2010 07:49 pm
You are welcome!