Some "Behind-the-Scenes" Questions

05/11/2010 04:31 pm
My company uses OE Pro to download and print movie schedules from hundreds of URLs. In testing the software with 10-50 URLs at a time, I have noticed a number of common issues that effect my results.

- Only about 1/3 of the project URLs print on the first try, and very rarely do all URLs print.
- Results differ from trial to trial within the same project, i.e. URL prints the 2nd time, but not the 1st.
- Printing the same URL twice within a trial.
- Printing URLs from entirely different project files.

I'm interested to know what is happening "behind-the-scenes" that could be leading to the inconsistent results I'm getting. While I could provide specific details on project settings and URLs, these issues are present in most cases, which leads me to believe the issues are somewhere between me and OE Pro.

What is preventing all the URLs from printing on the first try? The vast majority of the URLs work and print properly on their own, but when I run a project with many URLs at once, I can't predict what will come out.

What happens when a URL downloads but doesn't print? Is there a "traffic jam" in the system and only so many can make it through?

Is there any way to manage how OE Pro re-compiles the pages for print? Certain projects will print several images on their own, and then the text from the site, but not together.

In short, I haven't had much luck in controlling the process to get consistent and thorough results. If possible, I'd like to know more about the "blind" aspects of the program that might help me improve the way I use OE Pro. I'm supposed to get this to be a high-volume, "automatic" process, but that seems like a far cry at this point.

Oleg Chernavin
05/12/2010 06:19 am
It is hard to control the printing process properly, because it involves the MS Internet Explorer as internal browser. I can offer you to make a version that will log all operations with printing. I will analyse what goes on there and perhaps I will be able to improve that.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff