Project whent from using as many connections i chose to to only 4

03/06/2010 01:41 pm
*I am not able to increase how many connections are downloading. After i resumed from a file of about 2 million files in queue, it was doing fine for about an hour or so, then it dropped to only 4 active connections as if it was being throttled. Should i start the download over, or should i try to resolve this issue, as i have already about 4-7 million in queue, but it is only downloading at 4 connections with 1 download every 20 seconds. I think it might be the proxys that ive set up, because i couldnt get find a proxy that would work in both Internet Explorer and then also in Offline Explorers browser. This was related to my previous post.

My solution was to just add a whole list of proxy's to metaproducts through the
Proxy={:file=C:\Users\STAR NEO ReBoRN\Desktop\proxies ELITE # 14.txt}
command in project properties. I am wondering how the rotation works too, in hopes that is realizing which ones dont work and keeps them on the bottom of the list. I notice that when i first started to "suspend to file" and then "resume from file" the process only took like 20 minutes to half an hour, but now it takes about 1 hour or 1 & a half hours to restore.

Do i have to suspend to the same file every time i want to shutdown the program, or does Offline Explorer do that automatically. I have done that already 2 times and it seems that the second time might have messed things up by overwriting the file and creating a new one? I know there is a parameter from the command menu options in url properties
but it was only after i had overwritten the file with the bigger queue that i tried using this.

My Connections are as follows:
channel status
http0: working randomly
http1: working randomly
http2: working randomly
http3: working randomly
http4: Download Complete. Status: 200 OK.
http5: EMPTY
http6: EMPTY
http7: EMPTY
http8: EMPTY
http9: EMPTY

No matter what i try it wont go more than 4 channels downloading
I have got it working when its done this on a small download and in the begginning of this large project by selecting one channel and then when it goes to 1, i would bring it back up to 5 or 8, but it wont work for me anymore.
I Had played with the channels and channelsperserver options in the url properties, and it seems to be right around the time that it has been downloading only 4 channels

Is there a way to set it back to default, or create a new project wizard and direct it to the files of the project that hasnt been working?

Also, it seems to be a global setting that is messed up because its happening to all the projects now, not just the one!

I erased the channels and channelperserver lines, but it seems to now be broken...i dont know what to make of it.

Internet Connection Settings
Number of Connections - 10
Speed Control - High

Bit Torrent - Number of Connections - 10

**If you could i was wondering if you could enhance the ability to download just the Torrents of a web site. I Have used the *.torrent Filename filter but most of the time it doesnt download the complete list of torrents. I noticed it does matter what link you select as the starting page, but every site is different. I know a lot of us would be interested in how you would implement this feature into your program, and i know it has been requested in a previous post. If you could help me out as to which buttons on a torrent web page that i should start with, whether it should be the page number link, or just a plain search term link, that would help me out alot.

Oleg Chernavin
03/09/2010 04:59 am
It is better to suspend to file manually every time you want to stop the download. It doesn't do this automatically. It is strange about 4 connections. Can you try to open the .wdq file in Notepad and see if it contains a line:


in the file beginning?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Oleg Chernavin
03/09/2010 04:59 am
Regarding BitTorrent - can you give me some particular example?

im back sorry for the long wait
03/10/2010 09:29 pm
ok im going to try the .wsq file. I gave it a break, because it slowed right down on me. Ive been busy negotiating to buy a new computer from my neighbor, thats only 3-4 years old, and now i have a slimline (Micro ATX formfactor) amd 64 Athlon X2 4400 2.3 GHz, that is capable of multiprocessing, so ill be sure to let you know how your multithreading feature is working. Im just wondering if i have to run win 64 bit version? or if this feature is not dual core independent

Anyway i gotta get back to the wsq file and see what that says for connections... I will respond ASAP