website rip through Proxy that is working in Mozilla but not in OE

03/02/2010 08:32 am
I am trying to rip the entire website of but i had trouble finding a fast proxy. NOW i have found one but i cant get it to work in Offline Explorer. The websites said under the http proxy column FALSE, but doesnt give anymore information about it. Mozilla's Networks Settings has Manual Proxy Configuration, where ive typed the proxys address, and a check box where it says: use this proxy server for all protocols, under which it has options for SSL Proxy, FTP Proxy, GOPHER Proxy and SOCKS host (socks v5 selected).

I was able to reach with just the http proxy selected without the others and it worked, but was a little slower.

I cant get this proxy to work in offline explorer though, and it might be the only one i can find suitable to do the job..

As for now ill just keep looking for another proxy server, but the fact that the website states that it is not an http proxy makes me wonder which protocol it is using:

heres the proxy list website i used:

this is the proxy i used: (PORT 80)

I have only had luck with the china proxies for this website..but i know i can get through with germany proxys on other proxy list websites.
Oleg Chernavin
03/02/2010 02:02 pm
I tried this proxy address in both MS IE and Offline Explorer - the proxy returned a 404 error after a long timeout. I don't think this one works well. For other addresses also try to uncheck the "Use alternative connection method" on the Internet tab of the Ribbon. Would this make a difference?

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/03/2010 04:38 am
Thank you for replying. I have read something about the feature youve suggested in a previous post, but i had forgot about it. I have managed to get the project to work, by using another proxy through china marked as an http proxy. I just hope that if i need to switch proxy's the rest of them in the list on that webpage will work.

1) Is there any way to set multiple proxys in a list so as to rotate them in order or at random?

I think i rember reading a post and you said that there was a way to set different proxys for different dowloads/files, but i think you had said you hadn't implemented the possibility to rotate through a list of proxys, for the same url yet.

I think i have read something in a previous post but i use a program called deep freeze and every time i restart the pc it loads everything back to a previous state and doesnt save my history or tabs in mozilla. Ill have to search through your forums but if anyone remembers how to do it, it would be great if you could drop a line.

2) Also, why is it possible to check more than one proxy in the proxy servers list? I think im remembering where i read this stuff from, and i think it was in the "help" documents that come with the program.
So now im seeing a Load List, and save feature in the proxy servers list menu and im trying to figure out what format the text file has to be in to accept multiple proxy's...I think this feature is confirming what i need.

Im going to check in with the help documentation, but if you could tell me Mr. OLEG i would be able to set up multiple proxys so i can possibly download this site faster.

Im using the trial right now, but i am planning on buying this program. I have been watching this software evolve since 2002, but never really understood just exactly how much i could accomplish with this, and 4TB's of hard drive space.

When i first ran this 6 years ago, i was in school and i remeber letting it loose on some website i dont even remember. There was so much data on the screen that i eventually gave up on using it because i didnt know how to effectively use it.

The feature that caught my attention this time around was the "autosave", where i realized it would be finally possible to archive the pages i visited effectively, and futureisticly too. No more saving web page error's, and a folder of about a thousand different peices of web pages (complete web pages) that always would have trouble moving around on my 4TB's HDD space with 5 hard drives. No more stubborn windows filesytem file too long errors. This software has the potential to revolutionize the internet. All you have to do is make a web page file format, integrate into your program, and i could guarantee you the rest of the internet, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, and buggy Internet Explorer would follow. No one has yet to come up with a universal web page saving file format, which saves all the pages data into 1 file, and i would bet my hard earned money that you could be the ones to do it. The problems ive explained here are all problems for me every day i use my computer.. It would be great if you integrated this into this program or into a seperate program and i would be the first one to invest in it.

Anyway i just wanted to say that your product is one of the best ive seen, and i only can dream of having the knowledge that OLEG has in programming. This is truly a remarkable program, and the fact that you even have to think of "load balancing" should be a badge that you hold for your lifetime. I cant wait to see what other projects you have yet to make, and im sure they will be invincible to any of todays imaginations. Far beyond what is understood to be the norm of todays quality of software..

Good luck and i wish you all the best...

now i have to get back too trying to download from a website thaT isnt even online for half the worlds population of possible populated computers. I have to try to make a proxy list that is able to rotate through or just have your software use more than one proxy at a time, on a set number of files using "channel" parameter, in a single project..... it seems that i can, and that all the options are there to do it, i just havent had time to read through the help documents yet. I had a previous version 4.7 i think in which i read the help files, but since upgrading i havent.. Thats where ill be, and to let you all know, the project is working, just not at 300,00 + kb/second i had it ripping other sites at. Hopefully using more than one proxy will help.

Any information is welcome, i may not respond right away, but i will always reply.

When complete or almost complete i will be posting on the internet somewhere. This site is worth a lot of money, and alot to data archivists like me. Its not about the money, its about the memories and times spent with the website that is my driving force. Thanks to OLEG, what might have been lost, can now be saved... and to him and all programmers like him WE are alL gRaTeFul...
Oleg Chernavin
03/03/2010 04:44 am
Thank you for your kind words!

1. Yes, you may add a number of proxy servers and they all will work as a sequence. Each next URL download will take the next proxy server from the list and it will work as a rotation.

2. Checkmarks in the proxy servers list are simply allow you to enable/disable the proxy servers. The unchecked ones will be not used. So, if you have 100 proxy servers in the list, 20 are unchecked, then 80 will be used in the rotation.

The Load List format is a simple text file with one proxy server on a line.