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02/24/2010 09:29 am
hello MP team

my question is surely quite simple to answer and i beg your pardon if the solution is too obvious, but somehow i have a knot in my understanding regarding this subject.

i have a forum with a long long thread and i want to get all the pictures in that thread. the pictures are on different servers worldwide because the users just copied them there. the urls are easy, following that sheme with a changing starting number in the end:

i am sorry that i can not get it to work by myself, but i dont understand exactly the url filters and i am sure with one explaining line from you about the structure the knot will open.

so i want the program to download all pictures from any source server, but just the pictures that can be found on that urls*

i used that line with the asteriks as the project url, didnt use url filters and said just download pictures from all servers. now he is checking the whole website and all other ones that are linkes and downloads aaall the pictures from everywhere he finds.

so please tell me, what do i tell him as start url, and how do i restrict him to just take into consideration pages with but downloading the pictures on them from everywhere?

best greetings
02/24/2010 06:17 pm
HA, after oleg ignored my thread i found another one that slowly let me better understand how it works. so i figured out now.

in the URL field there comes{:0..3750|15}
like this OE will go to every page of that forum (it displays 15 threads each thats why i gave it 15s steps)

in filters i unchecked everything but pictures jpg and let them load from every source

now he still downloaded a lot of more stuff, so the level of depth needs to be activated and set to 0

VOILA - finally i started to understand the system of that genius program.

thanks to MP, thanks to oleg for ignoring me, its lot more fun to figure out by yourself, just sometimes really theres a knot that needs external healing ;)
Oleg Chernavin
02/25/2010 04:13 am
Sorry for the late answer! Yes, your approach is correct. Another way to do is to specify unlimited level and use URL Filters - Filename section to specify the Included keyword:


File Filters - Images - should be set to "Load from any site" in the Location box.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff