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Homyachok 01/17/2010 07:03 am
Hi! I have a problem:
There is a problem in exporting project to a chm-file. The search option in exported chm-file does not work for non-english language... Even a non-english letter/word can't be found!
When this error will be corrected? Or it is impossible?
Thanks in advance!
Oleg Chernavin 01/18/2010 03:30 am
Yes, we are looking for the solution, but it may take time. Sorry for this!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Homyachok 01/18/2010 01:53 pm
Thank you for answer! Pleaase, let me know when the solution will be accessible! TIA!
Oleg Chernavin 01/19/2010 05:24 am

Alexander 01/23/2010 11:46 am
Would you please keep me updated, too.
Thanks in advance!
Oleg Chernavin 01/23/2010 12:04 pm
Yes, if I manage to find a solution, I will post here.

Homyachok 03/02/2010 03:27 pm
Waiting for decision!
Oleg Chernavin 03/03/2010 04:47 am
Sorry, no success yet. :-(

Homyachok 03/25/2010 03:39 pm
Hi! Does new version of offline explorer contain patch repairing problem of CHM-export in non-english language?
Oleg Chernavin 03/25/2010 04:36 pm
Not. Yet. I am quite busy making new features for 6.0 version now and still haven't found information on this yet.

Homyachok 03/26/2010 05:16 pm
May I expect chm-export to be fixed in version 6.0???
Unfortunately I am not a programmer but can I help you? MAybe it would be better to make a brainstorm on a programmers forum to discuss this problem???
Oleg Chernavin 03/30/2010 08:50 am
Yes, perhaps so. I will plan my schedule and the other features that will be included to 6.0 version soon. Many of the new features are already complete.

homyachok 08/08/2010 12:36 pm
Hi! Does new version of offline explorer contain patch repairing problem of CHM-export in non-english language?
Is there any changes?
Oleg Chernavin 08/09/2010 01:30 pm
I am sorry. Still no progress with this. :-(

homyachok 08/30/2010 02:43 pm
I've found it on one site, not mine. It seems interesting for you:

""Вобщем, я пока придумал решение. Оно тупое, но рабочее.

1. Смотрим кодировку сайта (скорее всего, это будет UTF-8).
2.1 Набиваем в редакторе, позволяющем менять кодировки, нужные слова (в кодировке Windows-1251) и преобразуем их в кодировку сайта.
2.2 Набиваем в любом редакторе нужные слова (в кодировке Windows-1251), а затем просмотрщиком, который это позволяет, преобразуем их в кодировку сайта.
3. Полученные кракозяблы задаём в качестве критерия поиска.""

Maybe you will find way make opportunity to save in Windows-1251???
What do you think? please answer!!!
Oleg Chernavin 09/01/2010 01:03 pm
It may really work. Can you give me such UTF-8 site to test and see how to convert it? Thank you!

homyachok 09/23/2010 04:02 pm
Hi, what is about 5.9.3254 Service Release 1 ?
Have theProblem with export to CHM solved?
Oleg Chernavin 09/23/2010 04:32 pm
I asked you to give me such site example. I am still waiting...

homyachok 10/31/2010 11:57 am
I really don't know what to do!
The idea is not working!!!
I've tryed and didn't succeed!
I am not a programming specialist!
Maybe You have found a solution????
Oleg Chernavin 10/31/2010 11:57 am
Yes, maybe I will find a way. Please give me the URL of such site.

homyachok 10/31/2010 02:32 pm
For example, a well-known - I download some pages, make chm file with content and search, open this chm-file, open tab "search", enter russian word which is exactly exist in file and I can't find any russian word in file, but using CTRL+F I can find any word on the opened page within chm.
Please, HELP me!
homyachok 11/01/2010 07:40 am
It seems, I've found something interesting...
I've opened chm-file and found that the language of this exported chm-file is US English.
If I change language of file (using CHM editor) to Russian it can find russian words!!!!
if chm-file contains russian and english words Search function begin give a confused answer - I mean - it finds right russian words and plus some english words not connected to terms of search!!!

I think that if you will change export options and add additional ones it will help to solve problem. What do you think????
Oleg Chernavin 11/01/2010 04:11 pm
Yes, this is a good solution! I added code to detect and specify the language. Here is the updated oe.exe file:

homyachok 11/02/2010 11:55 am
Waiting for Offline Explorer Enterprise update release! :)