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Peter Iversen 01/01/2010 08:01 am

I'm testing offline explorer for make copies of your websites, but missing must of the pages.

fx - parts of the sites download correct, but I got fx this link:;xA;%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20/beslutningsproces/storsygehus+i+_25c3_25b8st+og+vest

for the page:

Maybe its because our urls ends without .xxx

Do you have any suggestion?

Oleg Chernavin 01/02/2010 06:08 am
I opened the page:

and looked for the links you described. I think, the link you mention is just some line in a script that Offline Explorer tried to download. It looks for all lines that may look like URLs and sometimes loads more than necessary.

We consider this not as an error, because it is better to try to download more than miss some really important and real links.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Peter Iversen 01/02/2010 03:29 pm

Thanks Oleg. But when I make a copy of the site most of the navigation missing because off that problem. The site is just the smallest site.

You can try fx, or I think there is the same problem.

Maybe you can find a settings, so I can copy these sites

Best regards, Peter

Oleg Chernavin 01/04/2010 09:54 am
I fixed the error. Can you please download the updated version here:

Unzip the file and replace the old oe.exe file with the new one. Redownload the project and let
me know how it works.

Thank you!

Peter Iversen 01/04/2010 05:20 pm
Hi Oleg

Fantastic. I am really impressed. Offline Explorer do the job perfect now.


Oleg Chernavin 01/04/2010 08:06 pm
Great! You are welcome!