Downloading URLs with "?" or "@"

10/22/2009 12:26 pm
I am having issues downloading links on pages that contain a question mark (?).

For example, the following URL contains a question mark:

The issue occurs because OEP is not downloading the links on subsequent pages.

So, for example if I want to download the link for any of the blog posts on that page, such as:

OEP is not following those links to download, even though they are on the same site. I've checked my project settings and it is set to download everything within that domain. So it doesn't seem as though it should be a directory settings issue. I don't understand why they're not being detected and downloaded.

If I manually drag the links I want to the project, they will get downloaded, but as there is a considerable amount of content on this site, I do not want to drag links for hundreds of pages.

Please help. Thanks!
10/22/2009 08:23 pm
You should tick [x] Other in the File Filters of the Project Properties.

Select the Location as you need it.