download folder

10/05/2009 11:55 am
hello, i know this is such a basic question that you feel like answering: read the manual! but this is what i did and it is described how but not WHERE, so please give me a short line, where i can tell a project the download folder on my harddisc where it should save the files (i work with the german version and i simply cant find ANYWHERE an option to tell OE where to download the files, sorry for that)

Oleg Chernavin
10/05/2009 12:01 pm
There are two ways to specify the Download Directory location. One is in the Options dialog (Advanced - Files button on the Ribbon). This is the global setting. You can override this for folders that contain Projects.

For example, you have two folders - Sports and News. You may select the Sports folder and click the Properties button to change the folder's Download Directory. In this case, Projects in Sports will use that setting, while Projects in News - the global one from the Options dialog.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
10/05/2009 03:48 pm
ah yes, very clever, i didnt get it just searching in the settings dialogs. thanks
Oleg Chernavin
10/07/2009 02:42 am
You are welcome!