Possible bug- content filters & misleading map tabs

09/02/2009 05:18 am

I am using Offline Explorer Pro 5.6.3094 Service Release 2.

I have several dozen projects in one folder dedicated to projects w/ "negative" content filters. Each project is set to download a webpage only when a keyword phrase does NOT appear. A typical keyword phrase would be "currently no jobs available".

Lately, whenever I''ve created such a project, I''ve experienced a problem I call "the misleading Map-tab problem".

It typically happens when I create a new project with a single URL and the type of content filter described above.

Then when I test the project, by selecting it in the Projects tab and downloading it, the Map tab will typically indicate that the webpage file was [wrongly] downloaded. Sometimes it takes a 2-3 clicks of the download button for this to happen, but it usually happens.

But the wrongly-downloaded webpage file listed in the Map tab will not be viewable in the OEP browser window -- instead, it will read "This program cannot display the webpage...." And in these cases, the project name will not appear in bold print.

Furthermore, if I then exit & re-launch OEP, the project will list no files in the Map tab at all.

So it appears that sometimes when content filters are set, a bug is causing OEP to list files, temporarily, in the Map tab which are not supposed to be listed in the Map tab at all.

And weirdly, this only happens when such a project is downloaded by itself, and no other projects are selected for downloading at the same time. Because, if I download my entire folder of content-filtered projects -- or if I select any group of them for downloading at once -- then the "misleading Map-tab problem" never happens.

Hope this makes sense.

It''s not terribly serious, though I thought it was when I began writing this message.

But as I wrote it, I did some experiments...

So now I know to select multiple projects when testing them, and to focus on the Project tab -- watching for bold print -- and not the Map tab, when it comes to these content-filtered projects.

Plus I know that a quick restart of OEP will clear any "misleading Map-tab problems."

But still, I thought you ought to know ...just in case it''s a quirk that is not unique to my system. Because it can be a bit confusing and alarming if one is trying to test and troubleshoot content filters.

Oleg Chernavin
09/02/2009 11:20 am
I think, I fixed it. Please replace oe.exe file with the new version:


Please let me know how it works. Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff