Mozart Problem

05/21/2009 03:38 pm
Hello Oleg:

I am a registered user of Offline Explorer Pro v5.5.2994 ("OEP"), and have been for many years.

I am using Internet Explorer 8 (with all default settings) and Windows XP Pro SP3 with all the updates.

I am trying to download the Mozart page - - from Classical Archives, and all the other pages linked to it.

That is about 1000 pages total.

First I tried loading just the URL into the OEP project properties window.

That did not work at all because the javascript that Classical Archives uses on every page apparently prevents OEP from following the links.

Then I spent the time to get every one of those individual URLs to load into the OEP project properties window.

Unfortunately, no matter what settings I use, OEP cannot seem to download the content of each page properly.

The Classical Archive site seems to be infested with javascripts on every page.

OEP downlods all the pages, but when I open them up in the OEP browser window, every page only dislays an error message that I must enable javascript in my browser.

I don''t know if the OEP browser has javascript enabled, but in Project Properties -> Advanced parsing settings, I did check the "Evaluate script calculation" box.

I tired opening each page directly in my Internet Explorer 8 but each page just gives the same message. I am using the default settings of Internet Explorer 8, so javascript is already enabled.

I saved all my project settings to a text file (105kb), which I thought would help you diagnose whatever problems I am having, but I could not find anywhere to attach that file to this message.

Maybe the problem is not with OEP, but with all the javascipt that Classical Archives uses on every page?

Any assistance or advice you could offer would be most appreciated.


Oleg Chernavin
05/22/2009 10:24 am
Well, the problem is simple here. The site uses AJAX requests to get some internal information. Offline Explorer is not capable to download them automatically yet, but there is a very simple trick to fix this.

Select the Project that partially downloaded the site, click the AutoSave button on the Internal Browser toolbar and then click Browse. Offline Explorer Pro should download missing files.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff