Virtual memory issues with large video files

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Jake Samuel 01/01/2009 09:36 am

I have just been trying your product Offline Explorer Pro and when I download large files (ex: 500 MB) off of an MMS server my virtual memory keeps expanding to the point it runs out.

Is there a setting I should be tweaking to stop this?

Thank you
Oleg Chernavin 01/02/2009 05:40 am
Can you please give me few links to such files, so I could test it myself?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Jake Samuel 01/02/2009 04:30 pm

The final file is 258 MB.

When I download it my Committed memory goes from 200 Mb all the way to 710 Mb. Only after closing OEP it goes back to normal.

OE.exe itself takes very little, only 10-15 Mb of memory when running.

I have an older system with only 256 Mb of RAM so it becomes virtually unusable with very large downloads.
Oleg Chernavin 01/05/2009 11:16 am
I fixed it. Thank you very much! Here is the updated oe.exe file:

Jake Samuel 01/05/2009 12:59 pm
Excellent job, the memory doesn''t even budge now.

Thank you
Oleg Chernavin 01/05/2009 01:03 pm
Great! You are welcome!