Freezing in new release

12/16/2008 11:34 am
I am experiencing a freezing issue with the 5.3 release of OEP. Projects download for a few minutes, then the parser halts, then the rest of the program becomes unresponsive, no longer refreshing its window or responding to events. I have to kill the program with Task Manager.

Is there someplace to re-download 5.2 SR1? Unfortunately I overwrote it when OEP volunteered the upgrade.
Oleg Chernavin
12/16/2008 12:17 pm
Can you please download the updated version here:

Unzip the file and replace the old oe.exe file with the new one. Please let
me know how it works.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
12/19/2008 10:06 am

It still freezes up after some random amount of time, sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. I have fallen back to 5.2.2848. I plan to erase the machine and upgrade it to Vista64 next week, so I look further into 5.3 at that time.

One thing of note, after about twelve hours of running non-stop, 5.2.2848 is consuming 160M of memory. 5.3 jumped to 300M of memory use within sixty seconds of startup, and climbed from there, well over 1.5G before failing. I''ve seen numbers above the gigabyte level in 5.2 but this has been after downloading dozens and dozens of websites over the course of several days. The machine has 4G of physical memory.
Oleg Chernavin
12/19/2008 10:48 am
The amount of consumed memory may vary a lot depending on the site OE downloads. If you are updating a site, the memory usage will be high from the start, because it will load Project Map file into memory.