Projects not working as configured

Steve K
11/26/2008 08:48 am

I''ve used OEP several years to track and download job announcements -- mostly from the websites of nonprofit employers. Some employers don''t date these announcements, so every project is set to download only modified files, and to save 14 or 31 date-stamped file copies. Downloads are run everyday -- manually or by schedule.

Lately, I''ve discovered many problems...

[1] For example, I just found a project that tracks one page, and that page''s URL was changed 5 weeks ago. Yet if I click on the project, it shows the page as it last appeared in October -- not a generic 404 page, which is where that URL actually leads now. (The most recent datestamped file copy is marked Oct 18, so I presume that''s when the organization changed its website structure.)

Because the 404 page is not shown, I am deceived into thinking that this organization hasn''t changed it''s webpage in weeks, and thus has not announced any new job openings.

(Occasionally, I see OEP popups stating that a link has changed, and asking me to confirm that the project be updated to reflect this change. I always click the update button, I think. But even if I didn''t, I would not expect this.)

[2] And I seem to have a ton of projects -- configured to download only modified files -- which are downloading pages every day, and making date-stamped copies of all these files every day, even though absolutely nothing has changed on these webpages.

I even copied the source code from two file copies w/ two different date stamps, then entered the source code into the WinMerge program -- to identify any differences -- and the two files proved to be identical.

This problem affects many, many projects. And judging from the date-stamped copies, it''s been happening for at least one month.

For over a month, I''ve been occupied with a website redesign, so I''ve not been examining the downloaded project data. Otherwise I would have noticed this was a real problem earlier. I don''t recall ever experiencing this problem before. Indeed, it undermines my entire research system.

[3] Here''s another problem. I''m finding that some projects -- set to download 1 link level down -- will download all the appropriate files (judging from the Map tab), *but* I cannot view all those pages via the Projects tab. If I click the project, I the top-level page loads, but if I click on links on that page, I get an OEP "Document not found" message -- even though a local copy of the file does indeed exist. (Link translation is set to "on-line translation" so I should have no problem.) I''ve even deleted and recreated the project, to no avail.

[4] The same project described above in problem #3 exhibits still yet another problem: it continues to download folders and files which have been disabled from downloading, and are clearly listed in the URL Omissions. Some of the omissions are being respected. Those that continue to be downloaded seem to be subfolders, and the default files within each. This is definitely an unprecedented problem for me.

And this newly-recreated project, is exhibiting problem #2 as well: it is downloading & creating copies of all files with every download, even though it is only supposed to download modified files, and clearly, these files have not changed. (To test this, I added a timestamp to the datestamp: "-HHNNSS". Now it creates a new copy with every download of the project, even when these manual downloads are just 1-2 seconds apart.)

[5] I''m sure this isn''t relevant to all the above problems, because the first couple problems have been going on for at least a month. But, the past few days, I have received a couple popup messages stating "List Index Out of Bounds (3)". The message appear occasionally, perhaps every other day.

I think this "...Out of Bounds..." message began after I had to replace webdown.dat with a backup late last week. (I think I lost the projects following an abrupt shutdown of Windows and the compu
Oleg Chernavin
11/26/2008 12:01 pm
Can I ask you to test the following oe.exe version:

It may ask you to send error logs to MetaProducts in case of such Out of bounds (3) error. It would really help me.

Please also see if the Projects obey Ommissions correctly. If not, please send me the Project settings (Export - Project Settings - Copy on toolbar and paste to forum) and examples of the links that were loaded regardless of the setting.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Steve K
11/26/2008 10:10 pm

Thanks for helping. I''m about to test the new OE.exe, and I''ll get back to you regarding everything.

Steve K.
Oleg Chernavin
11/30/2008 08:55 am
I was able to fix both problems, I think. Can you please test:

Steve K
11/30/2008 10:53 pm
Thank you for the very fast response! The new OE.exe does seem to fix the problem of URL omissions being ignored.

But, alas, I''m still experiencing the problem of OEP downloading unmodified files in projects that are just supposed to download modified files.

This is true of the Land Trust Alliance project too -- the "default.htm" files in every folder and subfolder are being downloaded, and copied, unnecessarily.

I have set this and other projects to download only modified files, and to create up to 31 file copies, date- & time-stamped (down to the second). So, if I select such a project in the Projects tab, and click the download button on the OEP toolbar, then I just need to view the Map tab -- after the downloads are complete -- to see if new date- & time-stamped files were created.

Every time I run a download session on the Land Trust Alliance project, all the "default.htm" files (from every folder & subfolder covered) are re-downloaded, and new copies generated.

I''m not sure why some of the other files are not being repeatedly downloaded too in this project. I did notice the paths on the original Land Trust Alliance website differs from the paths -- the directory structure -- shown in the Map tab for those other files.

Anyway, in other projects, this problem affects more than "default.htm" files.

Sorry for the bad news, Oleg.

But progress has been made in one area, and that''s appreciated.

If you need a log or anything else, let me know what to do.

Thanks again,

Steve K.

Oleg Chernavin
12/01/2008 09:24 am
Can you try to uncheck the "Use alternative connection method" box on the Internet tab? Then make downloads and see if this helps.

Steve K
12/02/2008 06:30 am
Sorry. No change....
Oleg Chernavin
12/02/2008 09:34 am
Can you make detailed log (Ctrl+Q) and send it to me (ZIPPED) to ?

Steve K
12/02/2008 01:31 pm
I''m sending you logs from three projects; two are problematic, one is not. This includes a log for the Land Trust Alliance project already discussed.


Steve K.
Oleg Chernavin
12/04/2008 12:11 pm
I haven''t received the files. So I decided to write you directly. Please let me know if you got E-mail from me.

Steve K
12/13/2008 11:58 am
I am so sorry for falling out of contact. As mentioned in an email sent to you this morning, I was offline for over a week, having thought that I succeeded in sending you an email & attachment on Dec 2.

Obviously I was mistaken in my assumption. And I never expected to be out of touch for so long. Again, I apologize.

But at least I fixed up my email system during that time. And so far, it does appear that my zip file & message made it out today. (I sent it to both email addresses, cc''ing support.)

I''ve done a fair amount of troubleshooting and experimenting over the past 1-2 days. Some of this is reported in the material sent to you. Hopefully, it will help. If not, there''s 900+ more job-tracking projects I can log for you!

Let me know if you don''t have the email & zip file. I''ll be monitoring my communications now...

Thank you for your continued help, always.

Steve K
Oleg Chernavin
12/13/2008 05:50 pm
Yes, I received your E-mail today. I will work on it tomorrow.