merging projects

11/10/2008 04:22 pm
I have downloaded various sections of a site (maybe 100 gigs) using Teleport Ultra.

I just purchased Offline Explorer Pro, and I was wondering if I can place the various files that I have already downloaded using Teleport, into the appropriate directories of the OE project, and configure OE to not re-download them if it finds the file already there.

By default, it does appear to ignore the fact that the files are there. I am guessing it is because the files are not logged in the DESCR.WD3, but I am hoping there may be a configuration option that I missed?
Oleg Chernavin
11/10/2008 05:21 pm
I think this happens because filenames are different when you download with Offline Explorer and Teleport. Some time ago I tried to make an import option for Teleport Project files, but they have a binary format. I was unable to understand it.

I will try to look at Teleport files naming conventions to see if I can make the import feature at least for downloaded files. I will not make any promise, but I will give a try tomorrow.

I will get back with you when I have any result.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
11/10/2008 05:54 pm
Thanks for the quick feedback. I just wanted to clarify what I was doing.

I don''t think I would be looking for an "import" function, since it would need to import multiple Teleport projects (see below).

With the example below, I would make one Teleport project for each of the folders ("folder1", "folder2", etc). I could not start at the "rootFolder" because it was too large.

| |
| |--file1
| |--file2
| |--file3
| |--bigFile4
| |--bigFile5
| |--bigFile6
| |
| |--file7
| |--file8
| |--bigFile9
| |--bigFile10
| |

So I tried making a project in Offline Explorer that started from the rootFolder. When I noticed OE was working on downloading one of the big files (say "bigFile4" in "folder1"), I suspended OE, waited until it was finished with the file, then exited OE.

I then copied "bigFile5" and "bigFile6" from my Teleport project into the appropriate OE project folder.

I started up OE and selected "Update Project". After OE got back to "folder1", it started downloading the files I manually copied over. There was an option to "skip existing files", which I checked; but I''m not sure if this option is what I was looking for.

From what I can tell, the file names are not different, but the datetime stamp was different. Both OE and Teleport seemed to set it to the time that the file was downloaded.
Oleg Chernavin
11/11/2008 03:15 am
Time and descr.wd3 do not matter at all. It is just filenames. Can you please give me few examples of Teleport filenames (with full path) for the big files you downloaded?