Lost dowloads after prior GB downloads

Ray Roberts
10/28/2008 10:42 pm
I recently reinstalled Windows Vista (now Ultimate x64). Rather than re-install Offline Explore Pro v5.1.0.2804 I installed v5.1.0.2848 and copied my C:\Users\RER\AppData\Roaming\Offline Explorer folder to transfer templates and existing projects etc.

Now when I DL 3-4 big projects, say, a lot of files from Rapidshare amounting to many GB (maybe >5GB), I can export these early DL''s fine but when I run one or more new projects everything looks OK (taking time, progress indicators, etc.) until I try to export. Then there is nothing to export. It is as if what I downloaded was deleted upon receipt. But if I restart OE Pro and rerun the very same project(s) everything works as it should until I have DL''ed a few more GBs of files in the same session.

I seem to recall a similar problem many, many builds ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Oleg Chernavin
10/29/2008 11:47 am
Can you please see if Map of these Projects actually contains the files or not? Export copies only the files listed in the Project Map.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff