All files get downloaded to the same directory

07/10/2008 10:24 am

I have seen this behaviour once before, a long time ago, and now have it again.
I am still using the last release of V4, I have a licence for V5 but am waiting a bit before upgrading :-)

If I view the properties of a jpg in a browser, I get an address of the format:

but when OEP downloads it, I get all files in the same directory:

This means I now have 10,000 files in the same directory :-(

Is there something I have missed, or is the site doing something nasty to OEP

Oleg Chernavin
07/10/2008 11:20 am
This usually means that the link to the image is then redirected by the server or the server returns actual name of the image file and Offline Explorer uses the actual file name to place it on the hard disk.

However what actually is the issue here? You wanted it to sort by some categories or there are too many files in one directory?

You may send me more details to and I will work on it closely to reproduce.

07/10/2008 12:46 pm
Thanks Oleg

I have sent you an e-mail
Oleg Chernavin
07/10/2008 01:14 pm
OK. If you don''t have an answer from me within a couple of days, let me know here.