site downloades with unreadable pages

03/11/2008 02:24 pm
I have been trying to download this one site. Everything seems to work, but when I try to check the pages I downloaded in the internal browser I get a message saying the document was not found. I tried to download the missing link to the project, but nothing happens.

The site does have frames, but I don't know if that is the problem. Also it says the link is being redirected ( Wars/


filters: There is no video or audio and the server is limited to the one it starts with. (I did try not limiting the server, but aside from getting links to other websites the pages are the same.)
parsing: I have these checked (Check HTML files Integrity , Explore all possible subdirectories , Suppress Web site errors , Evaluate script calculations )

I want to download the entire site, but I'm unsure what to try next.

- Terry