Keyword content-filter checkboxes

Steve K
08/03/2007 07:36 pm

I would really appreciate some clarification regarding the Offline Explorer Pro "keyword" Content Filter options. I have three major questions:


1. What exactly does the following option do? And what happens when keywords are entered but this option is not checked -- does it only search for the first keyword, and stop searching if a page contains the first keyword?

[ ] "Search for all keywords"


2. The next two options have always puzzled me, and this confusion has kept me from using the keywords feature altogether. You see, the following two options actually say the very same thing. The wording is different, but the meaning is exactly the same. Is this a typo, which nobody has ever caught? Do these two options actually DO the same thing?

[ ] "Save all pages that do not contain the above keywords"

[ ]"Do not save any pages that contain the above keywords"


3. Why do the following options not exist? These seem, to me, to be the most useful options. The apparent lack of such options has also caused me to avoid using the keyword feature -- a feature which I would actually like to use, if the options made sense.

[ ] "Save all pages that contain all the above keywords"

[ ] "Save all pages that contain any of the above keywords"


Finally, I feel that I must mention that I am a huge fan of Offline Explorer Pro, and I have always praised Oleg's work, as well as her technical support.

So I have not been able to understand how these confusing, undocumented, and seemingly-incomplete keyword options have persisted for so long.

The keyword feature looks really promising otherwise. I would like to use it, if I could only understand the options, and find the options that I need...

Oleg Chernavin
08/04/2007 07:04 am
1. Yes, this is correct. If this is unchecked, it is necessary to find any of the specified keywords. Otherwise, it will do the actions only if all keywords are present in a file.

2. By default, Offline Explorer saves only the pages that contains the keywords. Otherwise, the pages will be discarded. "Save all pages that do not contain the above keywords" means to save the pages with and without keywords as well.

"Do not save any pages that contain the above keywords" doesn't allow saving pages with keywords. So, if you check both in this section, Offline Explorer will save without and skip pages with keywords.

3. First is the option that works already when you have (1) checked and all others unchecked.

Second happens when you uncheck all boxes there.

I am sorry for the confusion with the options. We plan to redesign this section in Offline Explorer 5.0, so it will be much more logical.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff