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Cheryl McMahan 05/31/2007 10:55 am
Hello. I am trying to download criminal records using a zip code range. On the website, when you type in a zip code and click on Search, all the criminals in that zip code are first all listed together, and there is a link for each record to click on to get individual detail pages. However, I am unable to devise a script to include these detail pages. The only pages that will download are the original pages with the criminals listed on one page (or more pages depending on how many criminals live in that zip code) no matter how many levels I go. If I click on next link and then click on the detail link, a script box does pop up, so I can download an individual detail page, but I cannot use a prisoner number range due to the website's policy of only returning a maximum of 200 hits at a time.

Thanks for any help you can give to me.

Cheryl McMahan 05/31/2007 10:57 am
By the way, the website I am trying to download these records from is

Oleg Chernavin 05/31/2007 11:15 am
Do you mean that Offline Explorer cannot follow 1 2 3 4... links or the Details links?

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Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff