Low Disk Space and queue

Antonio Manfredonio
02/27/2007 07:09 am

first of all, I wish to thank all programmer team for the efficiency of OEPro (I'm using OE starting from 1.9 version : You purchased product #96034155036: Offline Explorer Pro 1.9 - 1 computer license)

I've create a project like {:xx..yy} to grab image (... just lego creations .. not porn! ;-) !
because I don't need the structure nor the html I've used Add=DoNotParseExistingFiles and also some tips so that not download some other files ...

I've have an a 10Mbit connection and the download run so quickly .. and overnite download very much ..
today I've seen the message: Low Disk space ... and nothing in the queue
I'm REALLY sure that OE don't have download everything BUT I don't know at wich point stopped.

How can I know the last good {:xx..yy} ? to run the project again starting from the XX?

If not .. why do not implement something to avoid this problem ?

Have a good day!
Oleg Chernavin
02/27/2007 07:24 am
There is a setting to stop downloads when disk space is lower than certain amount of megabytes. You can change it in the Options dialog - File Locations section.

If the downloaded files were saved to the hard disk, you can simply run the Project download using Ctrl+F5 to skip existing files.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff