story category help

02/15/2007 01:43 pm
this is my second day using offlineEx and i was hoping somebody could help me.
i'd like to store story pages from specifically those on the subject of harry potter and LOTR
however, the site structure isn't conducive to that kind of dling so i get tons of other files as well.

i left my computer running over night and had almost 2 gigs of simple web files on my comp by the end of the next day. (it took windows about 2 hours to delete that project --deleting it from within offlineEx crashed it--as i understand it, this was due to the huge amount of files and folders generated even if they were all of small size)

so the noob question of the day is: Is there a way to just get those pages without downloading all the other categories (ie author profiles etc)

one other question: does offline explorere automatically delete pages within a project when it updates a project or does it keep them? i'd really like them kept so i was wondering?

thanks tons for any help,

Oleg Chernavin
02/15/2007 02:16 pm
Can you please tell me a real example of a page(s) you want to load? I need URLs and a description - which links to follow.

When you update a Project, previously loaded pages and files are not erased.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
02/20/2007 12:07 pm
whew, this is gonna be a harder one to explain but here it is

what is want is for offline ex. to load all the stories that are generated from: to

pages like those above link to a sample story url would have urls: (keep in mind that this is just one story, from thousands)
etc (goes on for a long time)

for now i've simply listed every single url starting from **/1/ to **/179/ in the urls form when it comes to the list of generated stories (it would be too much work to list every url for every story and chapter)

however, i get maybe the first and second page of the story but then i nothing for a long long time
instead i think offline ex goes to the startpage and starts loading all possible links
for all the pages found on that server i would have to wait for long long time until i get the rest of the pages for the stories i wanted

dunno if you can help with this but i thought it'd be worth a try
Oleg Chernavin
02/21/2007 05:32 am
I would suggest you to create a Project with the URL:{:1..179}/

and set Level to 0. Download it to get the whole book.