downloaded files update problem

01/30/2007 08:45 am
I allways download photos from a website,and after download,I copy favorite photos to anothers directory.

Several month later,I download that site again,looking for updated new photos and copy again
The diffrent between old and new photos is the file's last modified date,and for this reason,I had to keep the whole downloaded project directory in my harddrive,though it's useless and always several gigas (photo files are big).If I delete the downloaded project directory,next time when I download the site's updates,I can't know which photo is old and which is new.

Do you have any idea to settle this problem?


01/30/2007 09:01 am
Or is there a way download only updated files without keeping the original project directory?
Oleg Chernavin
01/30/2007 09:02 am
Yes, Offline Explorer Enterprise has this feature - when you delete Project files, it asks you whether to keep the info about them in a database to update the next time.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
03/29/2007 08:56 am
Thank you Oleg,that's just what I want!

I'v downloaded both OEE4.6 and OEE3.9sr2 trail verson and tried this function,but it doesn't work for me,there are my steps,Did I do something wrong? Please help me

1,Downloading a project

2,select : delete > only project files > yes > yes

3,Ihe downloaded files and .wd3 files were deleted by OEE, and two files (p7031.idx,p7031.dat) were generated in the maps folder\DB\

4,The webpage of the site updated later.

5,Press the download button to update, but nothing happened at all. Is this step wrong? Cause I check the connection status of WindowsXP,when I press the download button, the send and recieved bytes were not increased.

Thanks again.

Oleg Chernavin
03/29/2007 01:14 pm
Make sure you have Download Only Modified and New Files selected in the Project Properties dialog. I just tried to make a test download and it worked well.