Explorer Pro Table of Contents/Indices

01/27/2007 03:54 pm
I have just tried Pro to download an online 'user's manual' from a site that interests me. Over 400 meg's of data was downloaded which is great.

But the native site uses a table of contents and an INDEX tab to help users navigate their site. However after I did your download, the frame where I choose from the index etc , is blank. There is nothing there.

Any thoughts on how to navigate the site (Their user's manual) would be most appreciated.

Oleg Chernavin
01/28/2007 08:53 am
I don't know the site you downloaded. Please try to select the Project, click the AutoSave button on the Internal browser toolbar and then click Browse. All missing pages should be automatically loaded for you. This helps in most cases.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
01/28/2007 12:23 pm
Thanks. I've tried your suggestion.

The site I'm using is


If you note on the site , there are buttons across the top labeled:

Fees Trading Account Software IB University etc.etc.

They does not show up at all on the Explorer Browser page I downloaded.

Specifically I'm interested in downloading the manual that can be reached at:

If you go to that location, you see that there is a column on the left that begins "Get Started". That whole column is missing from my Explorer Portable download.

So, if i'm on a plane, I can't really review the manual. Any thoughts appreciated.

Oleg Chernavin
01/30/2007 06:55 am
This navigation panel is tricky. The only way to get it now is to create a Project with the URL:


Then click the AutoSave button and click Browse. Then when the page gets loaded in the Internal browser, go through all pages there to record them on your hard disk.