How to avoid unnecessary files

11/16/2006 03:27 am
Hi Oleg, can u plz tell me how to avoid the unnecessary files from downloadin. Actually im tryin to downlo book from acesmedicine, but every time i try im ending up with lot of files like more than 25k and even though i tried selecting files by select mask and abort and disable the current url option,still im seeing the unwanted files in the q list.....and one more thing, how can i short list the files i mean, i think lets say, if i wana download a book from mdconslt,MDconsult creates as many as 100 pages of the same page, which could mean a book downloaded would end up occupying a disk space measured in gigabytes. i think same the case with is there any way to download only the necessary files using ofline explorer? plz help me out......
Oleg Chernavin
11/16/2006 04:01 am
One way is to use the Queue tab and abort the files you don't want from it. Or use Project settings - URL Filters to disable the ones you don't need.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff