Export file does not match browsing file in OE

11/01/2006 10:38 am
I am having a problem exporting pages from the site http://info.elf.stuba.sk/packages/ correctly. There is not a problem when I browse the pages in Offline Explorer, but when I export the file some problems creep up. I am trying to export to a .chm HTML help file. In the export project wizard under File Names I have tried both "Keep-as-is" and "joiet CD-R 64 symbols" for filenames format and have checked both the boxes for "use standard extensions for files with known file types" and "add original URL to HTML files.

For example of the lead url above the page has the following directories:

[DIR] Parent Directory 22-Oct-2005 14:47 -
[DIR] pub/ 12-Oct-2002 16:42 -
[TXT] robots.txt 11-Jun-2001 14:40 1k
[ ] welcome.msg 20-Mar-2001 16:44 1k

The exported file does not put the picture of .gif files in the .chm file, but puts the above [DIR] with an X in the box. How can I fix this.

Also, on the first page the 4th entry, welcome.msg, opens outlook when i click on it in OE, but in Firefox it just shows the text. Is there a way to do this instead of having it open outlook.

Finally, if you go down a couple of levels to say http://info.elf.stuba.sk/packages/pub/pc/, there are several text files. There is no problem browsing them in OE, but when the file is exported they are unreadable and display a bunch of 0's. How can I fix this.

Thanks for your help.
Oleg Chernavin
11/02/2006 05:58 am
OK. Which exact images and on which particular pages (http://info.elf.stuba.sk/packages/ or another) do not show in CHM?

Regarding the other site - I downloaded it with Level=1 and exported to CHM - all Text files show well. Maybe you should try another format - I would suggest .exe file for that.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff