extracting url's from a thread?

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GregF 08/06/2006 04:53 pm
Let's say there is a forum thread, loaded with URLS, such as http://www.site.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=151813

Is it possible to extract the URL's from said thread, so that I can more easily download all the URL's on OE? I should note the thread is several pages long.
Oleg Chernavin 08/07/2006 04:43 am
The easiest way would be to create a new project, place all links of the thread pages to the URLs field, allow to download from all servers and directories, start the download and press F9 key to suspend immediately. Then you will have all of the links from these pages in the Queue tab.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
GregF 08/13/2006 05:53 pm
hmm thanks but I think copying pasting is probably the way to go.

Here is another problem I encountered. The hundred-plus urls got downloaded into a hundred-plus directories. I forgot this is how OE downloads websites onto the hard drive. Is there a way to make this project, comprised of lots of threads, download into one place? It's really cluttering the hell out of my c:/downloads directory and it makes browsing for this project and browsing my other projects tedious as a result.
GregF 08/13/2006 06:21 pm
meant say "comprised of lots of url's". Basically it's a list of specific image sets on a lot of different websites.
Oleg Chernavin 08/14/2006 04:01 am
Well, you can export it with no subdirectories to get all files in one place.

GregF 08/14/2006 05:20 am
> Well, you can export it with no subdirectories to get all files in one place.
> Oleg.

Ah, that seems a drawback as it requires one to two have two copies of the files, and doesn't help with the huge number of directories among the other projects.
Oleg Chernavin 08/14/2006 05:42 am
Yes, sorry, but this is the only way.