Macro Asstance: matching list???

07/27/2006 05:44 pm

i apprently have already d/l the *trial* version of the Pro version and i didn't even know about it, so i wasn't able to test out this scenerio. :-(

There is a site i have access to that does not allow you to queue the image files like normal, it seems to hide the images in the directories. Here is an example url from the site for only one image.


If you notice, the file name is * & further along the url it reads *&current=2 The farther along the set i go the numbers will match. So i thought up two plans of attack, but i wasn't sure if they would work because because i apprently exceeded my 30-day trial i didn't know i had. *loL*


i wanted to see if this would work but in theory it would ping every number in the second macro before it went onto the next number in the first macro, thus adding to the traffic on the site and possible red-flag from the Site-Admin. ;-D


This one i wasn't sure about because in theory all the site really cared about when i tested it but not actualy d/l anything it worked fine with the file name starting: */ and then adding the macro at the end of the url.

i wanted to know if this looks familiar and if the Pro version will be able to tackle this one? i would love to *try* it out again on Pro but apperently my trial is up, but i don't wanna spend the $70 on a program that doesn't do what i need.

i already have the original OE and was curious, since i already paid for the original, do i have to pay FULL price for the Pro version?

Thanks for everything, your forum section is VERY helpful!!! :-x
Oleg Chernavin
07/28/2006 05:00 am
So, if I understand correctly, the number after and =¤t=X should be the same in each of the URLs? If yes, it is possible to do. The only issue is the leadin zeros, so you would have to separate it into two URLs:{:2..9#1}.jpg&dir=16&count=¤t={:#1}&max=1{:10..99#2}.jpg&dir=16&count=¤t={:#2}&max=1

Regarding the upgrade - yes you will be able to upgrade at a reduced price if you have registered any of Offline Explorer versions in past. The upgrade fee will depend on which version and edition you have registered. Please contact for this at

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff