Problems downloading a wbb forum

06/23/2006 08:48 am

I have problems downloading a wbb forum on

What I have done: First I use the OE Browser to log in. After this I type the adress above into the OE Project as starting adress. Then I filter things like addbuddy or logout.php because they are causing trouble.

Then I try tons of things :( and I only have problems. The best thing I managed to do is to save a part. I have the starting site, and all following sites. The links on the start site leads to a subforum, that works perfectly. Inside a special subforum you may have 50 Threads. The subforum has 3 pages because every page can only contain 20 Threads. The weired thing is, that I can access every of this pages, if there are 3 or if there are 30. But I can only view the threads of the first page.

My second problem is, that updating doesn?t work. If I try to update, I only receive on page - the forum has about 200 entrys a day. And If I change any Setting in the project and Start or Restart it, nothing happens. I have to delete the whole project and redefine the filters to get an update or create a new one :(

Are there any solutions? On some forums it is working fine, but this one causes me trouble. However, the important questions is how to download this forum complete. Updates are a minor problem :)


Oleg Chernavin
06/24/2006 03:36 pm
I think that the folder with downloaded files gets overloaded. Please remove the downloaded site and enable overload protection in the Options dialog - File Locations section.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff