Unable to download from behind Proxy-server

06/10/2006 06:01 am

I get the error mentioned below & the Adress bar shows this when I try to download a website :

Adress bar :

Error :
The page cannot be displayed

Can someone suggest me / help to how to download a web-site, like what are the configuration settings or propeties etc.
FYI, I am trying to download from a corporate network. I am behind a Proxy server, but I am able to browse the URL if I enter it directly in the adress bar. (http://andhravilas.com/moviedetail.asp?fid=|50|72|129)

06/10/2006 08:51 am
Did you configure the proxy server in the options menu under Tools\Options\Proxy Server (or just hit the Options button)?
I don't know about your Corporate network policy, but maybe you need to ask your network administrator first for the proxy server info and whether this is tolerated or not. Downloads via a proxy on a Corporate network are usually logged!

Good luck!