absolute link problem

04/08/2006 06:42 am
Hello Oleg,

This is a wonderful program, I have used previous versions (2.8, 2.9) now i have downloaded the trial of the new 4.2 version, however, I have noticed a problem that has not been addressed. Please investigate the following scenario.

I have noticed that pages followed by absolute links in a page with no file extension or no trailing forward slash will not be downloaded and somehow they are not considered as valid links by OE.

for example:

<a href="/root/home/courses/cid=5633/ch_navi=1">

will not be downloaded. However,

<a href="/root/home/courses/cid=5633/ch_navi=1/"> ===> OK!


<a href="http://www.why.com/root/home/courses/cid=5633/ch_navi=1"> ===>OK!

I have tested on my own server as well, same result, and also tried various filter settings to get beyond it with no luck so far. I would have done more testings if time allows.

Can you please investigate this issue or perhaps teach me what I have to do to download this type of link?

Oleg Chernavin
04/08/2006 08:25 am
This link should be loaded correctly by Offline Explorer. Perhaps the problem also depends on other tags or the URL of the page with such links. Can you please tell me the actual URL of that page, so I could test it?

Thank you!

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff