Memory leak

03/30/2006 03:56 pm

I think you have a memory leak :-(
I have included as much information as I can think of to try to help.

OEP version - 4.1.2348
OS - Win2k pro, fully SP and patched
PC - AMD2000+, 1G RAM, lots of disk, 2G fixed size swap file

I was downloading a project when the PC froze and the disks started thrashing.
When things started working again I looked at Task Manager :-(((

Project details:
Downloaded - 44,158 but this was after several saved and restored sessions
Queue - 4,150
tmp directory - no files
queue directory - 3 files, 2MB in total

Task Manager:
real memory used - 796MB
total memory used - 1,494MB used

I watched these numbers for some half hour, they steadily increased.
I stoped and saved the project, the memory use did not reduce, OEP doing nothing.
I stoped OEP and the memory usage increased for a few seconds and then decreased.
OEP released all of its memory ok and the total memory usage went down to 395MB

I checked, and emptied the tmp and queue directories and then tried another, smaller project.
About 1,000 files.
Same thing, memory usage steadily increasing and not released when the project ended.

I seem to remember a similar thing a couple of years ago.

This seems to be a very common problem these days, there are so many leaks in Firefox its a wonder it works for any length of time.

Perhaps we should stop using C and go back to Cobol :-))))

Oleg Chernavin
03/31/2006 02:21 am
Thank you!

I will try to watch and reproduce this.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff