Portable map/mpx files

03/22/2006 09:05 am
It would be good to be able to specify map/mpx files to have relative links rather than absolute ones. At the moment if you for example download files to "c:\download" and then run out of space on "c:\" you may wish to move the whole download directory to "d:\". However, if you do this the map/mpx files do not re-adjust and files disappear from the "map" tab for any affected project - even if you also change OE`s settings to relocate the download area. While I can understand that some users might like the ability to leave the files where they are and download more pojects/files to a different location, it would be good if you could specify mpx files with a path to the download folder and then a path within this for each file. If a global "relative map/mpx file" option was selected then the path to the download folder would be ignored and substituted with the "file location -> download directory" option allowing the download directory to be moved and the map tab to still show you the downloaded files.

This could also be implemented on a project by project by project basis with each project having the absolute/relative option stored in the webdown.dat file. It would only need to be written to the webdown.dat file if you wanted to have relative links, meaning no change to anyone ignoring the option.

Alternatively (I think this is the best option) OE could have two global variables
- one to define relative/absolute mpx files
- one to define downloaded file locations (this one already exists)

Then each project could also have two variables which could override these:
- One could be set to “inherit global”/”relative”/”absolute” and only stored in the webdown.dat file if it changed from global.
- The second could define the download location for that project as “inherit global”/”user defined location” and again only be stored in the webdown.dat file if it changed from the global.
This way, if the global setting was set to “absolute” by default, any user that ignored these features would see no change in operation or their webdown.dat file. Any user that wanted to move their download location could simply define mpx files as “relative” as the global option and change the download location option and be up and running again straight after the move. Also, specific projects could be given their own download location if required.
Oleg Chernavin
03/22/2006 09:38 am
Yes, I planned to review all the code related to the Map files to consider making them relative. This will take a while, which is why I haven`t done this yet.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff