Some OEpro annoyances

02/08/2006 11:53 am
Hi Oleg - I`ve been a registered user of OEpro for a few years now and think it`s a fantastic product.

However, could I just mention a few things that still slightly annoy - nothing is perfect!!

1. Splash screen on startup - takes too long to go away, and covers up the relevant part of my browser window as it`s always-on-top. No need for this - I already KNOW I`m starting up OEpro, it doesn`t have to tell me!

2. The startup page in the OE browser window always has a scroll bar in the right hand margin, no matter how big your screen is! It always indicates that there`s something to scroll down to, even though there isn`t. I agree, very trivial, but I`ll mention it anyway.

3. File names that have the sequnece "_25" or "_40" in them mysteriously get changed to "_5F25" and "_5F40". Why, and can we stop this?

Thanks for considering these!
Oleg Chernavin
02/09/2006 05:39 am
Thank you for the suggestions!

1. You can turn the splash screen off in the Options dialog - Advanced.
2. Yes, we plan to redesign the starting page and this will be fixed.
3. This is an issue related with the necessity to change some symbols, like ? to be compatible with Windows filesystem. To make sure all such changes can be reverted back to original filenames, we had to change _25 and _40. The first is because % symbol changes to _25 and _40 is @.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff