URL Filter ... not applied?

Miro Dietiker
02/02/2006 08:01 am

Downloading a wiki project, i`m having some trouble to exclude Links!

I start with URL

and then the queue shows up after a certain time:

Even if i write in Project properties URL Filter:


you see, which kind of Links i simply want to disable...
so nothing of them seem to work?

The only thing i configured was the address-url as described on top, and the
Server: Custom Server config: Include www.nslu2-linux.org

What`s wrong here?

Miro Dietiker
Oleg Chernavin
02/02/2006 08:18 am
You need to place these exclusion keywords in the URL Filters - Filename section - Excluded filename keywords list.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Miro Dietiker
02/02/2006 08:29 am
Thanks Oleg, but i don`t understand the reason thy this filter isn`t being detected on URL-Level...

Since i expect the whole url would be compared against this exclude rules.
How do you compare URL-exclusions?
(Or in other words: When do they work?)

:) Miro
Oleg Chernavin
02/02/2006 08:47 am
In the URL Filters you can specify the whole URLs only - no masks. In the Filename section you can specify parts of URLs (masks) to be compared.

Miro Dietiker
02/02/2006 08:59 am
Oleg: So in my other case this would result in a next question:

On a page
i want to download any subfolder/elements like
and so on..

but there exist a namespace called
(where username could be any string)

Which has to be deactivated in my download.
Seems to be needed to me to allow masks in URL filter like

But how do i do this without masks?

Thanks a lot!
Oleg Chernavin
02/02/2006 09:08 am
URL Filters - Directory - Excluded list: