Image source path substitution

01/29/2006 03:24 pm
I`m downloading a website that put their images and html contents in the same folder. I fixed the html using the URL Substitition feature of OE. I tried changing the images path using the URL Substitution but it does not work. For example the original webpage has this:

<a href="members/aaa/link.htm"><img src="members/bbb/img1.jpg"></a>

Now I have the link (a href) fixed using URL Substitution:
URL: members/*/link*.htm
Replace: members/**/link*.htm
With: members/links/**/link*.htm
resulting in:
<a href="members/links/aaa/link5.htm"><img src="members/bbb/img1.jpg"></a>

but the URL substitution rule
URL: members/*/*.jpg
Replace: members/**/*.jpg
With: members/images/**/*.jpg
trying to get:
<a href="members/links/aaa/link5.htm"><img src="members/images/bbb/img1.jpg"></a>
but it doesn`t work and I still get:
<a href="members/links/aaa/link5.htm"><img src="members/bbb/img1.jpg"></a>

What am I doing wrong?

Oleg Chernavin
01/30/2006 08:30 am
Strange. This rule works in my Offline Explorer Pro 4.0. I used Test feature to see that.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff