url filters and regex...

Oleg Chernavin
12/20/2005 08:11 am
Thank you for the suggestion. We will think on how to do this. Unfortunately, it may cause problems, because many users may use + symbol as a normal symbol in keywords. It happens because many URLs contain +.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
12/07/2014 06:24 am
hi oleg,

well the problem is that the regex support is too minimal
I really want to be able to use *,?,+ as regular expressions. Maybe should exist special button that denotes that this the filter is a regexp.

To be more spcecific, an example. I want to dl a vbulletin forum:
the info I realy nead is only the pages that match:

for the "inforum" tree, and

for the forum threas...

Thats all the juice of a forum. No members profiles etc

Still in current (ver4) there is still no way to do that. I cant restrict the urls that way. And this is a big problem because in forums there are many options, to sort the threads by date,etc that are IN the filenames of the links

The only way to finaly make it work is by using many filters for the some thing:
^showthread.php?t=[0-9]$ ||
^showthread.php?t=*[0-9]$ ||until here it works
^showthread.php?t=*&page=[0-9]$ ||here and below the problem starts
^showthread.php?t=*&page=*[0-9]$ ||

I wanted to match only numerals but OE will also match link like showthread.php?t=789&viewtype=3&page=2.
I could also use exclude filters to ban that unwanted options but there are too many to write a rule for each one.

Thanks for listening

I hope be clear enough