OEPro 4.0.2232 Beta1

11/02/2005 06:44 pm
I`ve just installed this new version and so far haven`t come across any problems using it integrated with MD3.2.631.

However it would be much better if the Download SPEED displayed at the bottom of the screen was in KB/sec rather than Bytes/sec.

Then it would match MD and most other software that shows download speeds and KB/sec is much easier to read at a glance than Bytes/sec, especially as you don`t separate the thousands with commas.

Perhaps you could make it a setting in the OPTIONS section for both OEP and MD to use KBytes/sec, Kbits/s, or Bytes/sec so users can set this as required.

Oleg Chernavin
11/03/2005 09:46 am
This is easy - simply click on that speed in Offline Explorer to change the speed display.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
11/03/2005 02:21 pm
Hi Oleg

I`ve clicked, double-clicked, triple-clicked, right-clicked, double & triple right-clicked on the speed box/bar/text and all along the bottom bar of the screen.

Nothing has any effect and no changes to the display, options or menus appear.

Are you sure you`re talking about version 4.0.2232 Beta1?

Oleg Chernavin
11/04/2005 08:11 am
I cannot check this right now - I am out of town. I will work on it this Monday. Thank you!

Oleg Chernavin
11/07/2005 09:16 am
I just fixed it. I hope to release Beta 2 this week.