How do you perform Multiple exports?

Romell Hueck
10/23/2005 06:23 pm
I have been trying to figure out MSN Group Sites since last year and i finally am close to a solution but i hit a snag and need your help!!!

First When i tried to download a single page from a Group OEP loads hundreads of unwanted pages
and your filters do not work beause "msnw" files are a bit diferent from htmls and your configurations require me to delete al Proyect files only before they work their majic...

I found a way aroud your configs and all i do is load only the text in mirror (No translation ) mode
later i export the results and i get clear SINGLE PAGES that are loadable from my local drive

from this :

SetCookie=CULTURE=en-US; mh=MSFT; MC1=V=3&GUID=751523269e41453ca6d41f591f7d9f46; SITESERVER=ID=UID=751523269e41453ca6d41f591f7d9f46; theme=101; SPEED=B; MSPAuth=7zovLNVBtD0v9PjH7ecQ!ixJRQt3j1HRTxDeAUX8aWo9kFtgF5viFQ19dRoMN!V6RR8HDUhBZnzR!nPU!3kEK5diHcQkLkuUCfGrGoDt389G2Osw60BJ4mgw$$; MSPProf=7yC!D!Ut3GFkhdbMA583E6d3sRBCfnH8ws*9Qtrvqvaz7ETLLWTuGiNmfaYkVtPbs6mjcONJkomHykiWYhg36JEjWFer0nzQ7JW3FVhAQ!VmWHHjL6d28n7mrYGWJ1k6oQdYimyFgWcf9Shue3OH1zPB*H4avan9d0gAjP6o*pR*zSsRwZMk90I7eQk3z3gnPNaDlHcilYcxQ$; pgmarket=en-us; WStz=240; WSMBView=1; WSMBCommVals=/VIRGENESARDIENTES/284/292/297/177/184/214/249/217/152/156/163/171/181/189/193/200/207/211/220/13/; WSPAView=0; AdultWarn=1; pgups=1


SingleUrl=file:///D:\Offline Explorer Pro\Temp\Msg 13a\\virgenesardientes\general.msnw@action=get_message&mview=1&id_message=140&pps=k.htm

I have to use SINGLE URL command because if i dont it will skip files that are reported as 302, (object moved) by using this command it treats macro-resulting urls as individuals proyects and if the url has moved it will download from the new locations automatically...

this bit of info alone has cost me 4 months,,.....

I was happy to discover the power of that comand but I need something similar for exporting

SAMPLE Problem :

SingleUrl=file:///D:\Offline Explorer Pro\Temp\Msg 13a\\virgenesardientes\general.msnw@action=get_message&mview=1&id_message={:1..140}&pps=k.htm

I will need 140 SEPARATE Export folders!!!!
How can i get them???? PLEASE reply???

One idea i had was to add the aditional parmeter but it did not work


This did not work I want to end up with all 140 messages exported to separate folders (NOT REPEATED IN 140 FOLDERS)
Or Creating Multiple Exports from a single proyect "HOW DO I ACOMPLISH THIS???"

Oleg Chernavin
10/24/2005 03:54 am
Enumerate macros will not work in the AutoExport command. To create separate folders for each of the URLs, I would suggest you to use URL Substitutes feature.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Romell Hueck
11/02/2005 07:27 pm
Just got your version 4.0 and i wondered if you fixed the enumerating exports glitch

I tinkered with this:
SingleUrl=file:///D:\Offline Explorer Pro\Temp\100\\virgenesardientes\general.msnw@action=get_message&mview=1&id_message={:5..7#1}&pps=k.htm

Hoping that OEP can give exported folders that are named after the Macro in the url line!!....
Say if one has Sites a,b,c i can macro Http://{:a..c}.htm and then i want to export a to D:/Temp/a/ & b to D:/Temp/a/
and c to D:/Temp/a/ HOW CAN I DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!! will you work on this feature in the future?????
Oleg Chernavin
11/03/2005 09:55 am
Well, I am not sure about how to implement this. It will mean that the export should be started several times. I would still suggest to use URL SUbstitutes.

Oleg Chernavin
11/08/2005 12:04 pm
You can to create the following rule in URL Substitutes (uncheck the rule after creation):


This way, when you load a URL, you will have it saved to:

will go to: