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Stefan 09/29/2005 02:52 pm
Please please make this dialog larger or even better do allow one to resize it. It is very uncomfortable to edit any settings in there with urls that are longer than what can be displayed, although the new font you have used in SR2 is a step in the right direction.


Oleg Chernavin 09/30/2005 12:52 am
You can press F12 to expand the URLs field.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
Stefan 09/30/2005 03:50 am
You certainly meant using F11. I already do this all the time, but still most of the my project urls are longer than what then fits into the url window without scrolling.

Oleg Chernavin 09/30/2005 04:13 am
Resizeable Properties dialog will require a serious redesign, because the controls are fixed in it. Maybe a separate window for URLs (using F11) will be better?

Stefan 09/30/2005 04:23 am
Then a seperate window would be great. I have now started to always edit everyting in a text editor and then paste it back into the url window, since that`s the only way to be able to see the complete url lines.

Oleg Chernavin 09/30/2005 04:59 am
OK. I will add this to my plans.