Single sets from Menalto Gallery

07/25/2005 08:00 am
Anyone has an idea for easy downloading just single picture sets from Gallery that use the software from Menalto ( ?

A sample set would be this:
I think there is some kind of apache rewrite rule used here and there is no real folder bikinicontest

Then the link to the pic is:
or sometimes like this with sized pics between

but the real link to the pic then is:
Note that this not under the first gallery level.

The goal is to have a project which have not to be changed every day if I download only the last updated set from different sites that uses this gallery software. Just that I can feed the link to OE and start. Mostly everything I`ve tried will not load the pics or load everything from the site.
Oleg Chernavin
07/25/2005 10:11 am
I would suggest you to use URL Filters | Filename section and allow the following filename keywords:*

This should help.

Best regards,
Oleg Chernavin
MP Staff
07/25/2005 01:07 pm
> I would suggest you to use URL Filters | Filename section and allow the following filename keywords:
> >
> > This should help.
> > Best regards,
> Oleg Chernavin
> MP Staff

But this would match the path ? Also this means
I have to modify the project for each set to the foldername.

But a other idea, with url substitutes I can change the path

If it would be possible to add a .jpg to the end it can work. But I think I can`t add something with url substitutes or is this possible? I have no way to just replace something here.
Oleg Chernavin
07/26/2005 05:27 am
Or you can add another filename keyword:*

07/26/2005 09:35 am
> Or you can add another filename keyword:
> >*
> > Oleg.

Yeah, but I can`t create a template which includes all needed information for such sites then, since the name which is /bikinicontest/ this day will be a different for every picture set. So I can use the template just for password info and such things, but have to add 3 lines later for each set to get only this single set.

Was just looking for an easier solution, since I have a few sites which uses this gallery system and I have to add just the last added picture set every day.
Oleg Chernavin
07/26/2005 09:42 am
OK. What about only this keyword:


Also allow images to be loaded from any site in File Filters | Images - Location box.

07/26/2005 04:48 pm
This doesn`t follow the links to full size pic but loads only the thumb files.

Have played around then and this worked:

But thanks, this gives me some ideas for other templates I`ve using as well. Although I don`t fully understand why your line isn`t working while mine two are working.
Oleg Chernavin
07/27/2005 05:48 am
I am glad that it worked!

07/28/2005 09:52 am
I have just a small question about this with a similar project. Another site uses similar folders.

Starting URL for one gallery is this:

But the pics itself resides not below this level, but one level above:

Now I`ve created a template which has:
"Load from any site" under Images
"Load all filenames" under Filename
and as custom config under Directory just:

Now that loads everything from:
but not anything else from the site.

That is what I want, so I`m glad here :) Only it`s not what I`ve expected if I read the help file.
It says:
{:dir} inserts the starting directory name from the URLs field. For example, /directory/sub/

The starting directory is /member/01/pages/, but it loads everything from below /member/01/

Just curious if this how it should work.
Oleg Chernavin
07/28/2005 10:13 am
I think that thumbs and images directories get loaded, because Images are allowed to be loaded from any site and any directory. Offline Explorer ignores URL Filters for any .jpg and .gif file.